Solar Pumping System

System configuration:
The solar pumping system enjoys very simple configuration which composed of:
A solar array, a terminal cabinet, a solar pumping dedicated controller, and a universal submersible or surface pump driven by 3 phases AC.motor.
How does it work:
(1)  The solar array generates the DC electricity.
(2)  The terminal cabinet collects the DC and feed the DC to the controller.
(3)  The controller converts DC from PV modules to AC to drive the AC motor of the pump, with MPPT, it regulates the output frequency according to irradiation in real time to drive the motor at maximum power.
The solar pump controller is a versatile, high performance variable speed motor controller for solar poweredpumping applications, which can be used for :
1 .   Daily water supply
2 .   Agricultural irrigation
3 .   Pasture water supply
4 .   Desert plant irrigation
5 .   More
System Characteristic:
1. Battery free, the system stores water instead of electricity, great bills saved.
2. Plug-Go, simple installation, low construction and maintenance cost. 

3. Auto running or manual operation mode, LED display operation board that ensures simple operation.
4. Power point tracking (MPPT) control method, fast response and stable operation, pure sine wave output, 99% of conversion rate.

5. Adjustable speed range of pump (VFD: from 0 Hz to 50 or 60Hz and up) based on the real situation of the sunshine condition, ensuring long working       time during the sunshine hours. 
6. Wide range of compatible pumps motor provided it is 3 phases, 110/220/380/415 VAC, 50/60Hz or up.
7. Available option of grid power switch and diesel power switch.

8. PV module/pump reverse connection protection, thunder protection, over/low input voltage protection, over current and over load protection, dry running and blocking protection, water hammer protection, over heating protection, water level senor control.
9. Certificate: CE, warranty: 3 years.

The Sacred Standard Models of Solar Pump Systems:                 
Model Definition:
1.      Applied Isolation: 6KW//Day.
2.      Fixed array tilted: 30 degrees or other degree that makes the array receiving vertical sunlight strike.
3.      PV modules type: Grade A polycrystalline silicon cells.
4.      Default pump speed: 0Hz~50Hz.
TDH: Total Dynamic Head, the sum of the static water level, discharge elevation, well draw down, and friction losses in the pipe and fittings. 



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